Fight the WAR ON FLEAS

3 Ways:

Getting rid of fleas is a nasty but necessary task to ensure the long-term health of your pet. Tiny hibernating flea cocoons can live in your environment over a year, protected by an impenetrable shell. They survive most treatments and return to re-populate year after year like a cruel sequel to a horror movie.

Treat the pets for their own comfort as well as to kill any fleas entering your living space as hitch hikers. Use a monthly topical application such as those found here. To provide immediate relief from itching or flea allergies, use skin care shampoos and itch relief gels or sprays found on these pages.

Fleas can jump over 6 feet, and they enter the house by any carrier available: pets AND humans.

One breeding flea can produce over a million offspring. To prevent reproduction, treat the house with Ultracide AND yard with Conquer yard spray mixed with FleaFix.

Supplement your pet's diet with coat-enhancing nutrients to help provide a foundation for a healthy skin and coat that can withstand the rigors of summer.

  1. Kill the fleas on the pet.
  2. Kill the fleas in the house AND yard.
  3. Protect against re-inifestation with FleaFix.
  4. Fleas bring tapeworms. See: Tapeworms.
life cycle of a flea

The Enemy: Fleas are hardy and determined: designed to be uncrushable and unfathomable. And they have to be dealt with in a ruthless manner.

The Secret: It's not really a secret. It's something no one wants to know. Treating your pets is not enough!

Pets: Most people want to know how to solve the immediate crisis first. Start with fleas ON your pets. But don't stop there.

House: When the pets appear more comfortable, begin the search & destroy missions.

Yard: Leave no stone unturned, no hill unconquered. And pay particular attention to the areas where your pets spend their time outdoors.

FCIA: Flea Control Intelligence Agency. Armed with information about how fleas travel and reproduce, its not such a daunting task to pick off the small, the few, and the lonely that are looking for a host.

Back To The Future: Now that the battle has been fought and won, a plan needs to be formulated for preventing further incursons.

Even Fleas Have Friends: Fleas spread parasites and disease: Bubonic plagaue, tape worms. Get a solution for those here as well.