Wireless Dog Fence and Outdoor Dog Kennel Run

We offer three types of dog fences.

Underground dog fences offer complete freedom from a land-scape altering obstacle and easy installation. No digging post holes or nailing boards. Simply bury the wire, plug the system in and get ready to keep your dog at home.

Modular dog kennel fencing is great for giving your dog a temporary enclosure or his own space in the yard without installing expensive or ugly fencing. IT is also easy to install,as it comes in panels and gates that are put together with a simple screw-clamp. Shipped right to your door.

Wireless dog fences take almost no installation at all and are completely mobile. Just put the unit in the center of the circle in which you want your dog to stay contained, teach him how to use his collar to recognize the boundary, and go. You can even take it to Grandma's house.