Sky Kennel Travel Carrier and Wire Dog Crates

Dog Crates come in many types.

Airline approved dog crates must have ventilation on all four sides (see the sky kennel). They must have extra secure locking doors. It is advisable to put a comfort mat and extra absorbent pad inside during travel.

Wire dog crates can never be used for transport on an air carrier. They are, however, very convenient for housebreaking your puppy or confining an older dog who might do damage to the house.

Soft-sided dog carriers will often fit under the seat on an airplane. For small pets they are great "pet pockets", and they allow you to take your baby along.

Aluminum dog carriers are the Cadillac of dog transport crates. Two of our aluminum dog crates have side bumpers to keep the ventilation holes from being obstructed in an airplane cargo section, so they can be used for air travel as well as other transport.

Aluminum Dog Boxes are real luxury for travel in the back of a pick-up, going to and from field trials and training sessions.