We know that you can find a cheap-o dog bed almost anywhere.

However, there are many considerations that make it very beneficial to purchase a quality dog pillow.

It can certainly be a health issue. Many dogs, especially large breeds, suffer from elbow bursa and joint problems when left to lie on hard surfaces.

A good quality bed keeps its loft longer, so your dog is more comfortable for a long time. If the bed has a back or rim, it gives more support to his body as he lays back.

All of our dog beds have zippered, removable covers, and are made of substantial material that will hold up to washing and still look great in the house.

Some of our most popular beds are the Kuranda Beds. They are nearly indestructible and stands up to the heaviest and most destructive dogs.

Others will stand up to weather and can be used outdoors. They are completely waterproof and durable fabric.

We have a very large selection of heated dog pads and heated dog beds as well.

There are materials, patterns, and colors galore.