dog training collar

Dog Training E-Collars

Train your dogs with sound or stimulation.

Collars for all levels of training experience.

Long range models available.

FREE SHIPPING on most remote training collars.

dog on couch

Scat Mats

No more pets on the furniture

Runs anywhere with a simple 9 volt battery

Harmless correction when animals tread into forbidden territory

Shapes to protect couches, chairs, counters, doorways, floors, trash cans and Christmas trees

aluminum dog boxes

Aluminum Dog Boxes

Transport your animals securely.

Optional storage for tools, training aids and hunting supplies.

Required for some breeds on many airlines. (see Zinger Crates)

About Us was created for dog trainers and dog lovers alike.

We understand the challenges of living with your pets every day. Love conquers all - except maybe tearing up the couch, tinkling on the floor, biting the neighbor.

That's where we come in. We have literally thousands of items to help make life easier and make both you and your pets happy

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