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Dog training accessories from the best manufacturers at the best prices.
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Designed to assist in the home training of both dogs and cats, scat mats discourage unwanted contact with furniture, counter tops, window sills, areas around plants, garbage cans, and Christmas trees etc.

Scat Mats & Scat Mat Accessories

The Scat Mat is a touch sensitive training pad which says "No", when you can't.

It quickly conditions pets to avoid prohibited areas with harmless, low-power electronic pulses similar to static electricity. Place the flexible vinyl Scat Mat in a room entrance, on your sofa, counter top or the hood of your car. The touch sensitive pad will silently protect prohibited areas from trespassers.

When touched, the battery sends small pulses to the mat for 3 seconds. These surprising little 'zaps' quickly repel most animals who stay away after one or two exposures - even after the mat is removed.

Place it under untouchable objects, across doorways, on furniture, around Christmas trees or trash cans, on top of car hoods: anywhere that you want to discourage your pets or someone else's pets.

    Scat Mats Feature:
  • Scat mats are powered by battery, so they can be used anywhere. (Uses one 9 volt alkaline battery - not included)
  • Mats have adjustable power settings: appropriate deterrence sensations for varying sized pets. Train kittens at Low; cats at Medium; adult dogs and long haired cats on High.
  • Training Indicator light blinks to tell you how many times the scat mat has been contacted since it was last turned on. No blinks means your pet is avoiding contact.
  • Up to 6 Extension mats can be connected to the powered scat mat to economically increase the number and/or size of the areas you wish to cover.
  • Each mat (not extension mat) has an outlet to accept an optional adapter (sold separately below) to convert to A/C current.
  • Put whole rooms off limits. Keeps your pets in a confined area. Or keep your pets off of one piece (or several pieces) of furniture.
    Scat mats come in different shapes to protect different areas and configurations
  • Strip is great for window sills and counter fronts.
  • Large and Medium rectangular shapes protect furniture and car hoods and lie across doorways.
  • Curved Scat Mat is great for trash cans, Christmas Trees etc.
  • Cover more areas. Use more than one mat at one time by adding mat extensions. The extension is "live" once it is attached to an original mat, so it delivers the same correction as the original. Daisy-chain them together to go from one piece of furniture to another. (rectangular can be as far apart as 6 feet) to protect more than one area using the power source of the original mat (limited to 6 extensions). Strip extensions snap directly onto the original strip to extend the reach.
  • Spread your protection for less. Dummy mat looks just like the real scat mat but has no live correction and costs less. Use it after pets have experienced the real one to remind them about forbidden places and things.

Manufacturer offers a 30-day money back guarantee and a two-year product warranty.

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SKMC411Large Scat Mat; 48"x20"Click to Order$ 58.95
SKMC421Medium Scat Mat; 30"x16" (was $54.99)Click to Order$ 51.95
SKMC471Couch Protector Scat Mat; 60" x 12"Click to Order$ 52.95
PSPDT0013638Curved Scat Mat; 1/4 circle 50" x 12"Click to Order$ 53.95
SKMC441Strip Scat Mat; 3"x46"Click to Order$ 49.95
SKMC411ELarge Scat Mat EXTENSION; 48"x20", 12 ft cordClick to Order$ 34.95
SKMDVA9000AC power adapter for Scat Mat (6 ft cord)Click to Order$ 15.99
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Scat Mats From The Best Manufacturers At The Best Prices.